College History

The world is changing rapidly. A country cannot get her dream of prosperity and development realized without properly trained workforce. But you cannot get skilled workforce without proper management. Since the creation of Pakistan, there has been a shortage of skilled workforce. Pakistan has a population of about 160 million and our youth is not properly trained and lacks basic skills required to meet modern requirements. That is why, a lot of Pakistanis are being replaced in the Middle East by Indians and Sri Lankans. We can turn this large size population into an asset by imparting them quality education in Science, Technology and Commerce. Everyone is facing the problems like insurance, banking, purchases, sales, transportation at one time or the other. Owing to these reasons, you must have information about these matters. Before the creation of Pakistan, most of the trade was in the hands of Hindus. On the other hand, Muslims were inclined towards Government jobs, army and farming. In January 1959, the National Education Commission pointed out in its report that commerce education is complementary to the industrial and educational development. Now trade is no more for a lay person. Scientists, engineers, doctors, farmers depend heavily on industrialists. There is a great contribution of commerce professionals in all walks of life. The Government of Punjab, realizing the importance of commerce education in all walks of life, decided to provide sufficient resources in this field. This institute was established in 1986, as an intermediate college. Mr. Javed Ahmad Faridi was its first principal. In 2002 this institute attained the status of Commerce College. The College started M.Com classes in 2007 and became the Post Graduate College of Commerce. Since its inception, the college has contributed a lot to the well-being of the students of this region.