Principal's Message (KH.MUHAMMAD AKHTAR )

Dear Students, Assalam-A-Likum I warmly welcome all the students of this college. Every sensible person knows that education and process of educating is not a profession at all. It is a mission of the highest order. I congratulate you on selecting the very right place for your future. Your decision to select this college is a big one and possibly the most important one in your life time. Here you will be under the highly qualified, most competent, most experienced and most dedicated faculty. You will find our teaching staff to be of the highest calibre. We have a number of M.Phill, M.Com, M.B.A and most experienced faculty members. I assure you that you will find me sympathetic, co-operative and a father figure. My office is always open to all the students. Hard work is the key to success. As a Principal I advise you to be an exemplary Muslim, hardworking, regular and punctual. As a Pakistani you will feel a sense of pride where ever you go to serve the Nation. Wishing you a great time in this College and success in future life. PRINCIPAL Muhammad Akhtar

Director's Message ()

William Butler Yeats says "Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire". So, education enlightens; it moralizes; it rationalizes. The goal of every teacher and every student should be to contribute to the general design of education for their personal enlightenment.